“If we don’t address affordable housing, we’re leaving our community behind.”

“Investment in Omaha’s infrastructure is an investment in the future of our community.”

Group of friends holding hands together

“We – Black and White people in this community — need to be serious about on-going discussions about racism and the way it has informed our past and our present. The legacy of racism in Omaha has perpetuated the divisions we see today. It is past time to center on equity.”

African-American Business Team Discussing Documents in Office

“It can’t be grant programs and nonprofits. It has to be business startups and ventures that will return wealth to the community, and we have to support them when they come.”

One child raising hand in an elementary school lesson

“Working with organizations such as Avenue Scholars and Johnny Rodgers Youth Foundation, we’re going to increase educational opportunities and meaningful job potential for young people.”

“The saving grace here is an intelligent, thoughtful city council and some of the world’s best medical and public health people based right here in our community. But if not for them, this would have been a lot more chaos.”

“We have too many stories for the Black History Museum to be housed in another existing building.”