A Sharp Focus on Jobs, Entrepreneurship and Affordable Business Development

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Black unemployment in Omaha had dropped from 17 percent to 6 percent. We can get back there – and will.


“All the things that we, as a council, pushed for – Heartland Workforce Solutions, funding for the Step Up summer jobs program, the Small and Emerging Business Ordinance and the Business Improvement District — were the groundwork to get us to that next point. It’s time for phase 2 of my vision.”


  • Ben will continue to work closely with Metropolitan Community College, Heartland Workforce Solutions and the Step Up summer jobs program to ensure those seeking employment will be skilled-up and job ready. 

  • Ben will serve as a leading voice for additional business development along the 24th street corridor and throughout north Omaha. | “It can’t be grant programs and nonprofits. It has to be business startups and ventures that will return wealth to the community, and we have to support them when they come.”

  • Ben is a strong supporter of entrepreneurship of all kinds, an area of business development he will be working hard to promote in the years to come. | “As Malcolm X used to say, ‘Instead of looking for jobs, create a job for yourself’ – that’s what we’re talking about now.”


  • Ben will continue his efforts to ensure small and emerging contractors are trained to pursue and obtain their share of city contracts and to create the relationships pathways that connect these contractors to the people with the decision-making power.


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