Putting in the Work.
Achieving Results.

Ben Gray has been a bridge-builder for his constituents and has worked over a decade to grow the relationships necessary to accomplish the goals of District 2. He believes collaboration is the key to getting things done and has grown his capacity throughout his entire career. His record of accomplishment over the last 12 years is proof.

As a member of the Omaha City Council, Ben has been a part of leveling the playing field for small and emerging contractors, secured funding for the Step Up summer jobs program, and championed a 30-year master plan for north Omaha. Since 2009, $2.5 billion has been invested in the community’s rebirth.

$2.5 Billion in Capital Investment in North Omaha

Since taking office, Ben’s disciplined, no-nonsense approach and visionary leadership resulted in:

A revitalized Ames Plaza, housing Heartland Workforce Solutions, Planet Fitness, ResCare, Nebraska Workforce Development, with more in development.

“Heartland Workforce Solutions was a major achievement for North Omaha. … Now, they’re doing job training, and more. All of that happened as a result of knowing the right moves.”


The Walmart Supercenter, near 50th and Ames Ave., has created 300 jobs.

“I traveled to Arkansas twice to negotiate the investment of business in people and clear the way for building in that neighborhood. I got that done.”


A $205 million redevelopment project that has re-invigorated a former two-block stretch of parking lots at 10th & Capitol Streets.


A project that transformed a vacant lot (and a series of shipping containers) into affordable commercial spaces.


A $300 million revitalization of a former industrial park that once housed mill-work factories.


A new building for the Malcolm X Foundation utilizing revenue from the city’s turnback tax.

“The legacy of Malcolm X is the legacy of Omaha.  The center served as a local unification point this summer and continues to engage the larger Omaha community as we experience social change.”


An after-school program for boys that provides education support, experience, and opportunities to bolster the future success of these younger community members.


The North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (NONA) brought the national NUSA event to Omaha creating a $3 to 4M dollar impact on local spending.


The creation of Senior Apartment Living community development at 60th & Hartman area in Omaha.



Equal Employment Ordinance for the LGBTQIA2S+ Community

Ben fought for the civil rights of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. His leadership has resulted in Omaha becoming the only city in Nebraska to pass an LGBTQIA2S+ ordinance that prohibits discrimination in the workplace, public accommodations and housing.

North Omaha Business Improvement District

An opportunity for area businesses to contribute a small amount of money which, when combined with city and state dollars, funds streetscape projects, sidewalk improvements and more.

Omaha Municipal Land Bank

Ben also championed the newly-formed Omaha Municipal Land Bank to turn abandoned lots and land to investors who would seek to build them up for the betterment of the community.  This initiative has created a path to land ownership for the community. 

Public Funding for Nebraska Medicine’s $370 million Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center

Ben fought for a 4.5 percent occupation tax on Omaha’s tobacco vendors to help generate $35 million for campus construction.
Today, the world-class Cancer Center allows patients to receive the best care close to home and acts as an economic driver for the city, state and region.


Founder of NONA

North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance, N.O.N.A.

Brought the national event of Neighborhoods USA which financial impact brought approximately  $3M to $4M in revenue to Omaha.


Increase in Black and Latino Omaha Police Officers

Ben was involved in changing how the Omaha Police Department tests applicants.
When he first came on the City Council in 2009, the makeup of the Omaha Police Department was 4 percent African American.

Today, it is 11 percent.

This is a significant move to increase the cultural competency and familiarity and trust of the community with OPD.

Increased Affordable Housing and Senior Living Communities

Ben developed a relationship with Habitat for Humanity that’s resulted in the construction of 70-80 houses in District 2, and a relationship with Holy Name Housing that’s resulted in another 30-40 affordable houses.
He led a push to tear down Spencer Homes and build north Omaha’s second purpose-built community in ten years.

Small and Emerging Business Ordinance

Ben’s strong stand against Nebraska’s discriminatory affirmative action ban.

Good Neighborhood Policy

We had a problem with increased littering in the community, as well as a growing number of people driving under the influence. This came from convenience stores selling single cans of beer and liquor, as well as airplane shots of liquor. So I started the “Good Neighborhood” policy also made for safer, cleaner neighborhoods. If an establishment does not follow code the City can revoke their certificate of occupancy.